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Tips for Creating a Run of Show

When putting together a successful event, especially a virtual one, thorough planning and preparation is essential!   Enter the Run of Show (ROS): a line-by-line sequence of "what happens when," down to the minute. It includes talent, their scripts, cues for our team on when to change camera angles or add slides, and more. It's a master document that explains everything that will go on during the show and behind the scenes, from start to finish. A must-have. There's a real science to creating a Run of Show, and getting the scripts and timing just right—all to ensure the

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Tips for DIY-ing your video

Whether you're working on a budget, or just looking to flex your creative muscles, there may be times you want to record some of your own video for a project with us. That's great! Here are some tips to make your video look its best. (And when you're ready to send your videos our way, check out our post on the specs we need to work with!) It all starts with pre-production Pre-production is the phase where we document and plan what the final video is going to look like. It's the most important step in our process, and

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Recognizing your sponsors with video

Many of our clients have sponsors that they need to recognize in their videos and events. We've put together this menu of Sponsor Value-Adds that we can implement in your next project. Pricing varies; chat will our sales team to learn more! As you evaluate how to recognize your sponsors, keep in mind your sponsor ship levels/tiers. This can influence the logo/brand prominence, duration and frequency of recognition, and more. We are happy to provide recommendations and help you determine the best way to give value to your sponsors! Sponsor splash slide List all of your sponsors on a

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Sending us assets? Here’s what we need!

Logos & other brand assets All of our video deliverables adhere to your organization's brand standards—but of course, first we need to know what those brand standards are! Here's what to send our way: Logo files: Vector-based file types are preferred (.SVG, .EPS or .AI — some .PDFs are acceptable) .PNG file with transparent background, at least 500 x 500px is an acceptable alternative Brand colors (HEX codes are preferred) Brand fonts Any other assets we could use to customize your video (i.e. patterns, graphical elements, etc.) Note: If you are unable to provide these assets, our default is

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Choosing the best platform for your video

Each video hosting platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, and which one is best depends on your marketing goals, types of content, and how you want to use your videos. Below are four platforms we have experience with and would recommend. Vimeo Vimeo is our top recommendation—it's our primary hosting platform here at Veritas. Vimeo does offer free accounts, but upgrading to their most affordable membership tier gets you many business-friendly features— interactive CTAs, custom-branded players, password protection for individual videos, and more. At the Pro tier, you can monetize your videos and sell to audiences worldwide—great

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How to get the most out of your video

To get the most out of your video investment, use these distribution tips. Considering your options for video hosting platforms? Learn more about that here Share on social Engage your audience! Posts with more video are shared more often, and get more 'likes' than posts without. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram can benefit from square or vertical video—contact us about getting your videos reformatted for these channels! Facebook Upload your video directly; avoid just posting a link to YouTube or Vimeo Include captions; videos on Facebook autoplay without audio Tag the people & businesses featured in the video, and

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How to prep for your shoot with Veritas

Thanks for trusting us with your video project, and being a part of the production process! We know that being on camera can be intimidating—but it doesn't have to be! The team here at Veritas wants this shoot to be a unique and fun experience for you. Here are a few tips to set you up for success. Presentation tips Whether you're shy and soft-spoken or a professional public speaker—anyone can be great on camera! The lights and camera(s) can be distracting and intimidating... Take a deep breath, and we'll just have a chill, normal conversation! There's no pressure!

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