Time spent in planning and “pre-production” before the cameras roll is the most important part of the video process. You should cringe when someone says, “fix it in post.” Trying to fix your script in the edit, or worse, during your studio session is unproductive and time-consuming. We’ve seen it happen, and it’s not a fun experience for anyone! 

So how do you ensure a successful shoot and optimized time in studio? The following guide walks you through our tried and true process to help you prepare for a successful shoot when using our “Seamless Capture” set.

Plan out Your Content Before You Book Your Session

The first step to a productive capture session is to have a clear plan for what you want to record, and where that content will live once you make it. Having a clear strategy makes writing scripts easier and provides a map for your creative process. 

Consider things like:

  • Who do I have access to (on-camera talent) that will be tasked with presenting this content?
  • Which products/services do I need to promote?
  • Where will this content live? (e.g., video host, social, web, ads, FAQ page, etc.)
  • When do I need to have this content done?
  • How long will the final videos be?
  • Who will be editing this content?

Think About Your Creative Limitations

The beauty of the Seamless Capture set is that it’s designed for simplicity, ease of use and to quickly get a message or idea out to the world. Every set has its limits, and understanding the creative limits you have is important.

Our ‘Seamless Capture’ setting offers a choice of color backdrops, which can significantly shape the aesthetic and feel of your production. Consider these color choices in pre-production as they influence not only the mood on camera but also what’s possible in post-production. For instance, a green screen can open up a world of digital backdrops, while a neutral tone can highlight your subject without distraction. 

In addition to the background color you choose, consider how you will edit the final videos. If you have access to b-roll footage you can cover any cut and edit your studio content more aggressively. If you’re relying on the “talking head” footage alone, your editing options are more limited which will impact how you plan your scripts. By default, “Seamless Capture” produces 4K footage that (when delivered to the web in HD) can be “punched in” to add some editing flexibility. 

Think creatively within the bounds of what is available to you, and plan your editing accordingly.

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Prepare Your Scripts in Advance 

Studio V is optimized to be turnkey so that when you arrive for your booked session, everything is ready to go. We’ll load your scripts into the teleprompter at the beginning of your session and you’ll be able to start recording right away. 

If you’re not prepared with final scripts, you’ll find yourself having to stop and start frequently which disrupts your flow, impacts your talent’s confidence on camera, and creates a lot more footage to sift through in editing. 

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The Power of Reading Your Script Aloud AKA “The Table Read”

Never underestimate the value of reading your script aloud. It’s easy to write a script and feel great about how it looks technically. But, until you take the time to read it in your own voice you don’t know how it will land for your audience. A “table read” is an invaluable tool for this. Get together with your team, an opinionated friend or someone you trust and read the script to them. This read provides an opportunity to hear your words come to life and to workshop them with others. 

You’ll find this collaborative exercise helps refine your ideas, and reveals nuances in tone, pacing, and expression that aren’t always apparent on the page. It’s also great practice to have your on-camera talent read the scripts for familiarity so that there aren’t any surprises when they jump in front of a camera.

Schedule Your Session Efficiently

When it comes to recording, more time is always better. Video scripts, even the shortest ones, always take longer to capture than expected. From multiple takes to unforeseen technical tweaks, there are a lot of elements that can extend your shoot. By planning for realistic capture times, you allow yourself the flexibility to adjust on the fly and the space to get that perfect take. Always add a buffer to your estimated recording time to account for these variables. Also, consider the experience of your on-camera talent. Some people require a few takes to warm up to being in

When scheduling your sessions, focus on ways that you can batch-create content. It’s more efficient to batch-produce a series of content on a single day than to split your sessions over several days or weeks in shorter bookings. 

Enjoy the Process

Lastly, and most importantly, enjoy the journey! The creative process should be fun. We hope that you find Studio V to be a place where your creativity can flourish, without needing to worry about any of the technical aspects of video production. Our ‘Seamless Capture’ studio is designed to give you the freedom to explore your creativity in a supportive, professional environment. 

If you’re ready to book your Seamless Capture session, check out our available times. Book Your Session Today!

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