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Create virtual events your audience wants to attend

Create virtual events your
audience wants to attend

From basic webinars, to advanced panel conversations and virtual presenters, we’ll help you plan, execute and deliver effective live streamed or pre-recorded virtual events.

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What is a virtual event?

A virtual event is an online event with no in-person audience—it could be as simple as a webinar, or as complex as a multi-day conference with a high level of interactivity. Virtual Events became an essential way to connect during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2021 we helped local nonprofits raise over $1.8M through virtual fundraising


Studio V is the premiere location for virtual event production in Bellingham, Washington.

studio v bellingham wa

2022 Virtual Event Summit

Catherine Endicott | North Cascades Institute

“Veritas Media is a great collaborative partner for virtual event production. We came to them at the “last” hour for help with an event that had grown beyond our technical a capacity. They were so gracious with all their guidance and support. And, the event went flawlessly thanks to their amazing work behind the scenes! We would DEFINITELY hire them for any future event or video production needs, the utmost professionals!”

Some of our Virtual Events

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Augusta Landscaping Summit 2023 | Event Recording

Augusta Lawn Care wanted a polished and smooth experience for their large industry-wide conference, where they provide workshops and speaking sessions on the business side of landscaping. With a number of speakers and panelists presenting over multiple days, Augusta chose to have Veritas provide audio/visual support as well as chose to capture different workshops in an event recording. This added 2 static cameras and stage lights to their setup, and required editing pass on their footage following the event.

Angle 1 : Wide - shows the entire stage
Angle 2: Medium shot - On-stage presenter
Short clip from that event recording

Logos 10 Product Launch Virtual Event

Local software company Faithlife wanted to highlight the international reach of their product with the launch of a new version. Accomplishing that goal visually required global talent, locations, and teams all coordinated together to capture video from around the world in a few weeks' time.

The Veritas team worked as producer for this project, directing remote productions in Germany, Mexico, Taiwan, and Brazil (with some very early hours!) as well as working with Faithlife's Bellingham-based host and editing team to showcase the newest features of the updated software. The event premiered online Oct 10, 2022.

Online Event

Hosts and Countries

Lydia Place 2022 Hearts for Housing Virtual Gala

In early 2022, Lydia Place partnered with Veritas Media to create a virtual fundraising event in lieu of an in-person gathering. Their spy-theme VIP event was premiered, allowing for an entirely pre-produced program, shot in our spacious, versatile studio with two-person chat style interviews and several direct-to-camera calls to action ahead.

This “like live” event launched through their chosen online platform on March 25, 2022 and helped Lydia Place raise over $220K to support and expand their services to homeless families in Whatcom County.

Inspire Higher Dreams Virtual Gala 2022

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Whatcom County wanted a fun, engaging fundraiser, even if there was still uncertainty about in-person gatherings in early 2022. With the virtual hosting option provided by the Veritas studio space, organizers were able to engage both local and long-distance supporters with a night of "outdoor" adventure, utilizing out-and-about video captured by the Boys and Girls Club, as well as an outdoor-themed corner set. Even better, their virtual fundraiser exceeded their goal, successfully raising over $380,000!

The corner set, dressed as an outdoor patio, for the evening.

The virtual fundraiser aired live on April 29, 2023, hosted on Bellingham Tonight's Youtube channel.

Rise and Shine Skagit 2022 Virtual Breakfast

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Skagit County brought us a unique challenge: to recreate an 80s-themed telethon for their annual breakfast fundraiser. The Veritas Media team walked them through creative planning and set design all the way to the final product, keeping within their vision and scope and taking full advantage of our versatile studio space. This event included live content from event hosts Ian Faley and Kristen Keltz; a re-created phone room in our corner set, and pre-produced content from the Boys & Girls Club played throughout the program as commercial breaks.

A great telethon always needs great props and an enthusiastic staff!

Frequently asked questions about virtual events

How many people crew a virtual event?2023-04-06T23:44:36-07:00

Each project is different and the total crew size will change based on the complexity of the project and how much content is live vs. pre-produced. Typically, most productions have at least a 3-person crew, though for on-location live stream projects it’s more common to have a 4 to 5 person crew to ensure that every element of your production is covered and that all risks are mitigated.

What is a “Run of Show” document?2023-04-06T23:44:36-07:00

A Run of Show is our minute-by-minute guide to the entire event. We like to avoid any surprises and confusion as your event comes together and this document is the authoritative outline and script for everyone to be on the same page. We can collaborate with you on this document and provide some templates, though it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure your program is lined out exactly the way you want it.

How long does it take for the recording of the event to be made live for others to watch on demand?2023-04-06T23:44:36-07:00

Videos of the live stream are available instantly after the event concludes and are automatically saved within the platform you are using (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.).

Where can people view our event? Best practices for distribution?2023-04-06T23:44:36-07:00

There are many strategies to optimizing viewership for your event. Our team will work with you to decide on your best options when choosing a platform or CDN (content delivery network) to use. We are able to simultaneously stream to multiple platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Twitch.

What are the bandwidth requirements for live streaming?2023-04-06T23:44:36-07:00

We recommend a minimum of 15Mb/s upload speeds to host a successful stream. Consider how many other devices will be connected to the same network. If you require another 3-4 devices connected to manage your auction software, social media accounts, or other activities that may result in higher bandwidth usage, consider upgrading to a higher tier of internet speed. You can check your download and upload speed using this tool:

What does the use of the Veritas Media Soundstage space look like?2023-04-06T23:44:36-07:00
Our soundstage in Bellingham, WA is optimized for virtual events and has all of the amenities you’d expect of a professional studio. We’ve streamlined our on-site production process and as a result, can save you money that normally would be spent on travel and setting up at your location. We can also offer a more consistent and dialed-in audio and visual experience in our space that is optimized for recording video content.

Studio Amenities include:

  • High-Speed internet connection to support your live stream and all other devices needed to monitor your event
  • Professional lighting, audio, and backdrops
  • Professional teleprompter + 4K cameras
  • Bath/changing rooms
  • Kitchenette with refrigerator
  • Staging lobby with 75” TV to monitor your event
  • Complimentary bottled water and snacks
Can we film at our office or on-location?2023-04-06T23:44:36-07:00

We are able to come to you and offer our full-scale production services. On-location production typically requires a larger crew and may be limited due to COVID-19 restrictions. All productions on-location include the use of professional lighting and audio equipment, and HD cameras. You are responsible for ensuring that your internet connection is adequate to meet the needs of your live stream event.

Should I pre-record or host live?2023-04-06T23:44:36-07:00
The biggest question to answer here is, what value does a live event bring to your viewer? If you have the means to engage your audience in real-time and have mechanisms for offering audience participation through polls, breakout rooms, or other interactive elements, then a live event is great. However, a lot of virtual events are better served as pre-produced pieces that are set to Premiere at a certain time and date. Consider pre-producing as much of your event as possible—you’ll have way more control over the quality of the event and can add that much more polish when you’re not on the spot to perform for your live audience! Hybrid events are also a good option—you can, for example, playback pre-produced content within a live Zoom call allowing you to utilize features like breakout rooms and give attendees more value and a community experience as they watch your event.
How can pre-recorded content be incorporated into my live event?2023-04-06T23:44:36-07:00

We have the ability to seamlessly transition between live content (someone speaking to a live audience in real-time) to pre-produced content that either we produce or you provide to us. Utilizing pre-produced content in your program takes some of the pressure and stress of your live talent and lets everyone in the production take a deep breath before going live again!

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