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‘Seamless Capture’ at Studio V: Video Content Creation Made Easy

When you step through the doors of Studio V,

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Tips for DIY-ing your video

Whether you're working on a budget, or just looking to flex your creative muscles, there may be times you want to record some of your own video for a project with us. That's great! Here are some tips to make your video look its best. (And when you're ready to send your videos our way, check out our post on the specs we need to work with!) It all starts with pre-production Pre-production is the phase where we document and plan what the final video is going to look like. It's the most important step in our process, and

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Recognizing your sponsors with video

Many of our clients have sponsors that they need to recognize in their videos and events. We've put together this menu of Sponsor Value-Adds that we can implement in your next project. Pricing varies; chat will our sales team to learn more! As you evaluate how to recognize your sponsors, keep in mind your sponsor ship levels/tiers. This can influence the logo/brand prominence, duration and frequency of recognition, and more. We are happy to provide recommendations and help you determine the best way to give value to your sponsors! Sponsor splash slide List all of your sponsors on a

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