Many of our clients have sponsors that they need to recognize in their videos and events. We’ve put together this menu of Sponsor Value-Adds that we can implement in your next project. Pricing varies; chat will our sales team to learn more!

As you evaluate how to recognize your sponsors, keep in mind your sponsor ship levels/tiers. This can influence the logo/brand prominence, duration and frequency of recognition, and more. We are happy to provide recommendations and help you determine the best way to give value to your sponsors!

Sponsor splash slide

List all of your sponsors on a slide/title card that can be displayed at the beginning or end of your video, during a pre-show slide deck, or as you verbally recognize sponsors in your program.

Duration: varies

Whatcom READS used a sponsor splash slide at the end of their 2021 event video.

Sponsor bumper

Feature your sponsors with video clips of their location and/or services, their logo, and professionally recorded audio.

Duration: 5 seconds

For it’s Toast of the Town series, the Bellingham Chamber opted to recognize their video sponsors with our sponsor bumper.

Sponsor ad spot

If your sponsors have an existing 15- or 30-second ad spot, we can include it in your program as part of a brief “commercial break.” (If your sponsor doesn’t have an ad spot, we can produce one at additional cost.)

Duration: 15 or 30 seconds

We included an ad break for Bellingham Tonight’s pilot season sponsor, Barron Heating

Sponsor bug

In broadcast, a “bug” is a small on-screen graphic at the top or lower third of the screen (think network logos, or the score of a sports game). Our sponsor bugs animate in and out, and feature the sponsor’s logo and tier of sponsorship.

Duration: 3 seconds

Video sponsors for the Chamber’s Toast series also got a “bug” dropped in periodically throughout each video.

Sponsor snipe

Snipes are similar to bugs, but include photos and/or footage. They are also larger than bugs, and have a longer duration.

Duration: 7 seconds

As the presenting sponsor for Toast of the Town, First Federal was featured in a snipe in each video in the series, found here at 02:11

Custom Thumbnails

Feature your sponsor(s) on a custom thumbnail for your videos. We recommend these for videos in a series to visually tie the whole project together.

We put together these custom thumbnails for the Tost of the Town series. See the full effect at the Bellingham Chamber’s YouTube channel.
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