Interested in working with us?

Do you love Bellingham? Are you a talented and motivated person looking for a fast-paced career in video production? We’d love to meet you!

A few words from our founder, Josh Burdick

Every day at Veritas Media is different and I love coming to work to find our team working together promoting our community and creating great content. It’s an amazing thing when you have a team that looks out for each other and wants to do the best they can.

No ego.

We want to work with people that check their ego at the door and put each other and our clients first.

Don’t add to the noise.

In an age of media blitzes, soundbites, and fake news, people have had enough. At Veritas Media, we don’t want to add to the noise by creating bad content that no one wants to watch. This isn’t good for brands and that type of work is not soul feeding to work on.

Do the right thing & be truthful

We are stewards and caretakers of brands and their relationships to their customers. Be authentic and responsible. And, if you tell someone you’re going to do something, make sure you follow through!

We’re always looking for skilled freelancers.

As a freelancer you’ll have opportunities to work on all aspects of production. Send us your resume, a cover letter and some links to work that we can find in the wild. We’d love to meet you.