To get the most out of your video investment, use these distribution tips. Considering your options for video hosting platforms? Learn more about that here

Share on social

Engage your audience! Posts with more video are shared more often, and get more ‘likes’ than posts without. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram can benefit from square or vertical video—contact us about getting your videos reformatted for these channels!


  • Upload your video directly; avoid just posting a link to YouTube or Vimeo
  • Include captions; videos on Facebook autoplay without audio
  • Tag the people & businesses featured in the video, and ask them to share your video on their accounts


  • Your video will need to get to your phone or mobile device to post on Instagram
  • Videos that are 30 seconds or less can be shared in your feed as a regular post, or through Reels
  • Share videos up to 15 seconds in your Stories (then consider saving it longterm to your Highlights!)
  • Videos longer than 30 seconds can be shared through Instagram’s IGTV


  • Make sure you’re posting to a business/brand channel—not a personal channel! Learn more at
  • Add a link to your website in the top like of your video’s description
  • Add a “subscribe” button or other clickable annotations or cards to encourage audiences to follow and engage with you
  • Publish content on a regular basis to keep your audience engaged


Yes, here too! Especially for B2B marketing! Similar to Facebook, be sure to upload directly, and tag people and businesses feature in the video.

Add to your website

  • From your chosen platform, embed the video prominently on your homepage (for overview and explainer-type videos)
  • Ensure that your video is embedded “above the fold.” It should be visible when the page first loads, so people know there’s content to watch within seconds of seeing the page
  • Don’t let the video autoplay, unless there is no audio! (Nothing is more annoying than having to sift through a bunch of browser tabs to hunt down a mystery noise!)
  • Make sure your audience can control playback—your video should captivate your audience; not hold them captive
  • Check to see that any clickable annotations or calls-to-action (such as those available through Vimeo or Wistia) are working properly, and that the links all point to where you want your audience to go
  • Add an email capture form to your video to add to your marketing funnel (Note that you’ll need a Vimeo Business level membership or a paid Wistia account to do this!)

Send in your email newsletter

  • Include “video” in the email subject line
  • Don’t embed or attach the video directly into the email (not all email clients can support this quite yet) Instead, you should…
  • Create a thumbnail image with an overlaid play button icon (See example below)
  • Then, link the thumbnail image to your video

An example thumbnail image to use in an email. We took the thumbnail from our video, then added a play button over it. When users to go click “play” they are actually directed to your video—on your website, YouTube, Facebook, wherever you send them!

Write a blog post

  • For the blog’s text content, you can expand on the topic that the video’s about, or
  • Write your “behind the scenes” story about what it was like to be on set and work with Veritas, or
  • Simply copy/paste the video’s transcript for a quick, easy post and a great SEO boost!
  • Embed the video at the top of the post
  • Add “video” in the blog post title

Make a video ad

With today’s powerful targeting tools, you can reach your audience and catch their attention with more than just text and images.

Tips to get started:

  • Start with a list of your targeted keywords and audience demographics
  • Decide on an ad spend amount that you’re comfortable with
  • Make sure you’re set up to track all of the relevant analytics

For more info per platform:

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