Hero video created by Veritas Media to promote Give Day 2018.
Thank you video that was sent out to everyone participating in the campaign.

Every year on June 1, the Western Washington University Foundation hosts a 24-hour Give Day event, encouraging parents, alumni and other supporters to donate to their favorite programs, departments or scholarships.

For their 2018 event, we had the opportunity to work with WWU and feature 3 students who, through their scholarships, have benefitted from past Give Day funding.

We produced 5 deliverables for this project: 3 short student spotlights, one primary Give Day feature, and a post-event “thank you” video. These videos were rolled out over several weeks in email blasts and over social media, ramping up to the big day.

Overall, the campaign, supported by our videos, was a huge success. WWU surpassed their $600,000 fundraising goal! Additionally, paid video ads & posts on Facebook saw 3x more traction than posts with just a static image—earning not only more impressions, but more Reactions, comments, and—most important—clicks through to the Give Day donation site.