Samson’s Mooring Product Comparison video

In the Spring of 2020, Samson Rope launched three new rope products for their mooring industry clients: EverSteel™-X, AmSteel®-X, and SureSteel™. In a sales pitch setting, the three would be presented together as tiered options, both in features and in price.

To keep messaging consistent and concise in sales meetings and when sharing online, Samson approached us to help them create a suite of video assets for the launch:

  • A comparison video discussing all three products,
  • Videos of each product to discuss unique features in more detail,
  • And a suite of shorter clips for social media promotion.
AmSteel®-X specifications animation
EverSteel™-X scripted product feature
SureSteel™ scripted product feature

The project required a unique blend of footage captured on site, in our studio, and some custom motion graphics work. The client also requested 360° footage of the product, which led to a fun afternoon in our studio, rigging and capturing the shots! The results also let us do some unique motion work for Samson’s social media channels.