Overview & homepage videos

Overview videos explain who you are and how you solve your customer’s problems, in less than two minutes.


What is an overview video?

Overview videos represent your brand and quickly communicate what value your business brings to your customers. These videos are really effective at showing off how you solve problems for your customers and what your solutions look like.

These videos are high level marketing pieces that are versatile and can be used on many different marketing channels. They can maintain relevance for several years. It’s best to narrow the focus of these videos to present a core message that is easy for anyone to understand.



Where and how should I use an overview video?

Overview videos can be used effectively to nurture prospects who are considering buying your product and services.

Put this video above the fold on your homepage, about page, or landing pages. It can also be used effectively in emails, at live events or by your sales team as an asset to present to prospects.

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Creating your overview video

Every overview video is custom made to fit your goals and budget. We work to go beyond delivering a video; we make sure the video will work for you and that you’re set up to get the return on investment you expect to grow your business.

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    Meet with us

    We’ll discuss your goals, objectives and what success looks like to you

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    We create a script and storyboard and present our vision to you for approval

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    Lights, camera, action! We come to your business to record (usually 4-6 hours)

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    We take all the footage and edit your video to bring your video to life with graphics and music

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    Every video comes with one review session and one round of revisions

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    Delivery & distribution

    We work one-on-one with you to make sure your video meets its goals and gets seen by the world

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    Analytics & reporting

    We provide a 45-day free analytics review of your video to see how it is performing and offer some suggestions based on what we’ve learned. Monthly analytics reporting beyond the 45-day trial is also available at additional cost.

Benefits of overview videos

Improved search rankings

Drive more traffic to your website and increase SEO by including video on your homepage.

Nurtured prospects

Overview videos work great at top of the funnel marketing when visitors are considering your product or service.

More email opens & higher CTR

Including a product overview in your email campaigns is a great way to create more engagment and drive traffic to your site.

 Every project is unique and requires care and attention to detail.
We’re committed to communicating clearly with you so that we understand your desires and vision.
We’ll be in touch at every step along the way.

I couldn’t be happier with the end product! It was a great investment and I look forward to working with Veritas Media on future projects.Jessica, Lighthouse Mission Ministries

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