Videos for galas, auctions and awards banquets

Video raises the caliber of any event and is a vital tool for adding value to sponsors, increasing donations at auctions, celebrating award winners and keeping your audience engaged.


What events can benefit from video?

From high level awards banquets like the Bellingham Chamber’s Annual Awards Dinner and the WBA’s Person of the Year Awards  to nonprofit fundraisers like Lydia Place’s Hearts for Housing. Video moves people to action. It helps to celebrate someone’s accomplishments and encourages people to give money to your cause.

We’ve produced dozens of videos for events in Bellingham and Whatcom County. The impact video has on holding people’s attention and interest throughout an event’s program is obvious.

Most venues in Whatcom County are capable of professionally presenting your video.

Benefits of using video at events

Recognize Sponsors
Does your event depend on sponsors? Add value to their sponsorship with increased exposure within the video. In a very short amount of time you can convey much more about a brand and its corporate philosophy than logo placement in a brochure or sign.


Celebrate winners
Do you present awards to businesses and/or individuals? Honor them with a video that helps to communicate who they are and why they’re receiving it. Don’t rely on long-winded acceptance speeches or an MC trying to describe their accomplishments in words—both of these approaches can lead to your audience becoming disengaged with your program. Video has the power to captivate and it’s always better to show—don’t tell!


Increase donations
Incorporating video into your event is easy and helps to pull at your audience’s heart strings. You’re able to show, rather than tell, why your organization is so vital and worthy of their support. Use a video to prime your attendees for your big ask.


Save time in your program
Video helps you quickly get to the point. Spare your MC the task of getting your audience up to speed on your mission or organization. Instead, use compelling visuals or a story that represents your organization and tugs at the heart strings of everyone in the room.
Use the video(s) to prime your audience for your big ask.


Use your videos again as evergreen content
Just about every event video can be repurposed after the event you created it for. It could be used as an
overview video that is used at future events or embedded your homepage. We’ve also seen wild success sharing awards videos on our Facebook page. People love watching videos of their friends and favorite businesses that get nominated for or win awards. This is great brand exposure for you and the people you’re celebrating, and adds value to your sponsors as well!

Creating videos for your next event

Every event video is custom made to fit your goals and budget. A fundraising video is very different than an awards dinner video. We’ll work with you at every step along the way to make sure your event is a success and that your videos have maximum impact. Here is our typical process:

  • Connector.

    Meet with us

    We’ll discuss your goals, objectives and what success looks like to you

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    We’ll work with you to create a shared vision of what you’re wanting to create. We’ll create an outline for each of your videos and a script and storyboard if necessary. We’ll also handle all of the heavy lifting in scheduling and logistics to make sure everyone knows where they need to be and when.

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    Lights, camera, action! Based on the scope of the project we’ll record in studio or on-location.

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    We take all the footage and edit your video to bring your vision to life.

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    Every video comes with one review session and one round of revisions. The review stage always happens well in advance of your event so that there are no surprises or last minute worries.

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    Night of Screening

    We want your videos to look great and are familiar with all of the main venues in Bellingham. We will work with your DJ, venue or A/V tech to ensure that they are prepared and have the files necessary to show your video.

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    Delivery & distribution

    Your video should keep working for you after your event. We’ll meet with you one-on-one with you to make sure your video meets its goals and gets seen by the world.

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    Analytics & reporting

    We provide a 45-day free analytics review of your video to see how it is performing and offer some suggestions based on what we’ve learned. Monthly analytics reporting beyond the 45-day trial is also available at additional cost.

We’ve produced event videos for:

Bellingham Chamber of Commerce logo
Whatcom Business Alliance (WBA) logo

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“[We] couldn’t be happier with the end product! It was a great investment and I look forward to working with Veritas Media on future projects.”Jessica, Lighthouse Mission Ministries

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