Event Videography

Increase your impact—record your event!
Filming your seminar, lecture, training session or guest speaker is a great way to generate evergreen content for your website that can be used for years to come.


Creating videos for your next event

The benefits of recording your event

Generate evergreen content 
Event recordings make great assets for your content marketing strategy. Use these videos on your website or make them available as a resource to your customers.

Capture more leads 
Use the content that you capture at your event to collect email addresses or other information about people interested in the topic you’ve presented on.

Create additional revenue streams 
Monetize your event recordings by making the content available for purchase. If you have a conference that people pay to go to extend the success of the conference by making the content available online afterwards. Doing this adds value to attendees and creates a new revenue stream from people who weren’t able to attend your event but are still interested in the content.

Save time on training 
If your event is centered around training or professional development recording your training sessions makes it easy to share with employees not able to attend the event or new hires who will need the same training. We can also simulcast your event feed to remote audiences if you have employees in another location who need to attend the training but can’t make it in person.

Live streaming

Connect with your social media platforms and broadcast your event by going live on Facebook or YouTube. Live streaming enables people who can’t attend your event in person to connect with you virtually. We can also stream content in a simulcast to an overflow room if that is needed for your event.

Our process

Every event video is custom made to fit your goals and budget. A fundraising video is very different than an awards dinner video. We’ll work with you at every step along the way to make sure your event is a success and that your videos have maximum impact. Here is our typical process:

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    Meet with us

    We’ll discuss your goals, objectives and what success looks like to you.

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    We’ll plan out what equipment is needed to record or broadcast your event. If you’re live streaming we’ll go over everything needed to connect properly to your social media accounts before the event.

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    The day of your event we will do extensive equipment checks to ensure that everything is ready to go. We’ll start recording just before your event gets underway.

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    We will edit your event based on what we discussed during pre-production. We will always add in intro graphics and people’s names. We can also include other graphics like PowerPoint slides or custom graphics to enhance the presentation.

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    Every video comes with one review session and one round of revisions—we want you to be 100% satisfied.

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    Delivery & distribution

    Your video should keep working for you after your event. We’ll meet with you one-on-one with you to make sure your video meets its goals and gets seen by the world.

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    Analytics & reporting

    We provide a 45-day free analytics review of your video to see how it is performing and offer some suggestions based on what we’ve learned. Monthly analytics reporting beyond the 45-day trial is also available at additional cost.

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“[We] couldn’t be happier with the end product! It was a great investment and I look forward to working with Veritas Media on future projects.”Jessica, Lighthouse Mission Ministries

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