Introducing Signature Videos

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If you’re looking for a place to get started with video you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created the Signature Video—short compelling bio videos that introduce you to the world. They’re also coincidentally on sale now through the end of April. Details here.


A Signature Video helps you make a perfect impression everytime, humanizes your brand and enhances your online marketing.

Business is driven by relationships. If you do a lot of networking you understand the importance of a good first impression and really connecting with someone. It can be difficult to build relationships in the business world, especially if you do a lot of business online or via email.

We created Signature Videos to solve this problem. Unlike a headshot or a long block of text, Signature Videos show who you really are, what your personality is like and they build trust in ways that a photo or a paragraph simply can’t.

What can you do with a Signature Video?

These videos are flexible and there are many ways to use them. We’ve found them incredibly useful for sending out to prospects or connections you’ve just made after a networking event. If you’ve done any amount of networking you know that it can be hard to remember which face goes with which name.

Isn’t this email way more engaging than a typical follow-up email (most follow-up emails I get are pretty forgettable and quickly end up in the trash).

From a user’s point of view, the viewer clicks on the video in the email (or, if you noticed, I include a text link in my global email signature as well) and gets taken right to the page the video is embedded on (below).

As a marketer, this is exactly where you want prospects to go to become more familiar with who you are and what you do.

Examples of Signature Videos


Lorraine Morris, Business Banker – Bank of the Pacific

What we love about Lorraine’s video is that she explains that her family has depended on people like her, a business banker, to help them with their businesses. In less than 30 seconds, she is telling her audience that she understands the needs of business owners in an authentic way and is motivated to help. Friendly and concise, she invites viewers to get in touch.


Dr. Paul Fredette, Surgeon – Parkway General Surgeons

For Dr. Fredette’s video, we wanted to show how approachable he is and show that outside of the operating room, he’s just like anyone else. The video helps to set people at ease and, when they actually meet him in person, they feel like they already know him.


Jerry Blankers, Managing Broker – Muljat Group North Real Estate

Jerry’s business—real estate, depends so heavily on relationships and putting himself out there in front of people. It’s amazing that even in a short video like this he’s able to quickly show that he is friendly, relatable and on your side.

There are lots of ways to use Signature Videos and we have many more examples here, if you’re interested in checking them out.

Signature Videos start at only $349 and are a great way to try out video for your business. We also have a sliding scale to make it easier to create them for your whole team. The more videos you create, the more you save!

If you want help humanizing your brand and connecting better with your prospects, customers and team, give us a call and schedule your appointment to create your very own Signature Video.

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